Thursday, June 01, 2006

Small Dorm Up Scandal

Shiking in 'Brokeback' mode ready to deflower Jack while Non, Igit, Totep and ? wait for their turn.


harawan sa pinyahan
irinom inom na pano sa sacristy
(ner2, jepoy, lolo bird, taba, khalil, shiking, tatung, dex, elat, pol, ral, 2bol, gevs, manny, ipe, kiao)

Graduation Shirt

Its a good thing that Fashion TV wasn't around during our time, otherwise the fashion police would have arrested us all. Sorry, Padi Arwyn I know most of the shirts were yours. I hope you already threw them hehehe. As Sean Combs/P. Diddy puts it when he sees these shirts....DAMN!

Starting Five

Shiking, Ral, Allen, Telem, Non
Ka-seksi pa naton padi!

Dorm Daze

Dan, Dex, Ral, Allen, Non and Gevs messing around in Fr. Dennis Legaspi's room. That part of the seminary (annex) is a bit creepy at night. It's more scary when IƱigo leaves a gigantic shit in one of the annex dorm toilets. (kadurat ni Dex!)

Class Picture