Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Homeward Bound

Calling my classmates based in Sorsogon, who can attend the meeting with Mene Dimaano and Tato Marcial during the Alumni Homecoming. I think they will be discussing about the role of the alumni on sustaining our Alma Mater. So if any of you Manila base guys are in contact with Jack, Mark and Ipe kindly inform them about the meeting and let us (Non and Allen) know about the minutes so that we can post it here. Here's the excerp from Jetski's post at the OLPS Tambayan.

"Offhand concrete projects would include, donation of school equipments, refurbishing of dorms, new books for the library, computers, sports equipments, repainting of the buildings etc, etc"

Maybe we can make one of this project a "class project". What do you think classmates?