Monday, August 21, 2006


The place where it all began and changed our lives forever.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Annex Dorm

This is where the Freshmen, Rookies and FNGs were kept. Our beadle was Optimus Prime Alvin Pura who just finished his medical studies, congrats sano! This dorm was memorable to one of our batchmates. He claimed he saw St. Peter while on his midnight rendevouz with his little Peter. Epekto san laen nagkakarigos after san games. Hey, notice that there's no more T-Bars.

The West Wing

The Formators' Wing. Rooms from L-R. The room near the stairs is the lucious Tia Glo's room. She is the reason why sick people in the next room, the Infermary (The Bawang Room), laen nagaayad..hmm I wonder why? The next room was Fr. Arwyn's room. It's an extension of the infermary where extreme cases of bun-i is treated. It's also an extension of chapel piano. In this room birit stars were born. So if you don't sing and you're off to Fr. Arwyn's room bun-ihon ka. The next two rooms are for the bros. coming in and out the OLPS. We had a couple of bros. during our time, Bro. Anlu, Bro. Hamto and Bro. Abet. The last room in the far right was Fr. Libby's room, great priest to confess to very little penance. Suki sa mga mahilig mag "exercise". When Fr. Libby left Fr. Louie better known as Tay Lou to seminarians moved in. Tay Lou was the spiritual director and was known for his American Tales during our classes.

My Escape Route

The late Tatong and I took turns in escaping OLPS just to buy gin from Kusina sa Baryo. This was our escape route. The operation: GSM commenced during recreation time just after dinner. Gosh, I feel like Ethan Hunt during those days. So where do we consume it? That's the secret place of the BURATI (ala Illuminati), only the worthy will find out.

Memory Lane

The road to Banwa. Free Day!

The Bell

The bell that reminds us if its time for ORA, if its time for STUDE, if its time for LABORA, and if its time for ISKARAMUSA.